Plecoptera Species File (Version 5.0/5.0)
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Hints for new users

Getting started

Some people find it easy to click on various links to see what happens.  You can do that with the choices at the top of any page or from the table of contents.  For a more directed approach, see the next paragraph.  On the other hand, trial and error may be easier than reading anything more on this page.

The most important aspect of this database is the data associated with specific taxa.  If you know the name of a taxon that interests you, click on "Search" at the top of a page and enter the name.  That will take you to the taxon display where the specified taxon is shown in its hierarchical context.  (If you enter a name that fits multiple taxa, a list of the taxa is displayed from which you may select.)  If you don't have a particular name, click on "Taxa" at the top any page.  As a default, the apex taxon (the highest taxon in the database) becomes your selected taxon.  You can click on other names and work your way down the hierarchy to whatever interests you.

Searching for a taxon

Among the search options, the complex one is searching for a taxon.  Limiting the scope of a search to a specific family or genus will speed some searches and avoid showing you choices outside the scope of your interest at that moment.  The entire taxon name is needed, but "wild cards" can be useful.  If you are unsure of the spelling, append the symbol "%" to the basic root of the taxon name and you will be presented with all taxa that begin with the first part of the name.

Searching for author, publication, or type depository names

When entering an author, publication, or type depository name, do not use "wild cards" as with searches for taxa.  But you may stop after three or more letters.  If you are lucky, there will be only one author, publication, or type depository name that begins with what you entered.  If not, you may choose from a list of the names that fit.  The database contains many variations in abbreviations and spellings that are recorded as duplicate names.  If you match one of those, the database will treat your entry as matching the version recorded in the database as preferred.

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